Online surveys clearly suggest that most of the certified planners serve more than 200 clients. Furthermore, the experienced ones serve even more clients. Certified planning is certainly becoming one of the hottest professions in the job market.

However, you might want to know that the certified financial planner education is not so easy to tackle, since the certification board expects the candidates to fulfill a lot of stringent requisites and specifications. In order to get certified first you’ll need to choose a good institution which offers CFP courses. There are many educational institutions that offer these courses in the United States and Canada.

Once you complete the course from good institutes, there is no looking back as there are so many individuals and companies who are eagerly waiting to hire you. Before that, you will need to go through rigorous education programs and the tough examinations conducted by the CFP board.

It is not a very easy to get through if you are not from the commerce background. However, there are many successful CFPs who have managed to get certified in spite of not being from the commerce background. With sheer dedication and determination, they have been able to get certified.

If you wonder why you need to take up this certification then you need to consider the rich dividends which it offers. The following are some of the most important positives you’ll be able to enjoy after attaining the certification offered by certified financial planner education board.

Rich incentives

The best reward of CFP is the rich incentives it offers once you finish the course. There is huge demand for them in the market, and therefore you just don’t have to waste a single day after completing the course. There are many companies that offer you great salaries to start, along with many other incentives.

There are many ways in which they get compensated. Let’s look at to each category of earning in detail: Commission based incentives: Under this payment category, they will earn paychecks through commissions in various ways like sales of bonds, stocks, insurances, mutual funds etc. This way they’ll be able to earn more when their clients earn more and there are no limits here.

Fee-based: Here they earn a flat fee along with the commissions on sales of products, mutual funds, bonds and stocks etc.

Fee-only: Under this category, they will be paid a flat fee as agreed upon by both the parties. Usually the fees range for a beginner is $25,000 to $40,000. As they grow further in this career and reach mid level, they can expect fees of $47,000 to $76,000.

So in order to get all these, you need to go through an examination for a certification offered by financial industry regulatory authority.

There is one more option i.e. by passing the CFP examination which is offered by certified financial planner education board. No doubt the dividends are overwhelming, but you’ll need to work hard to achieve it and conquer your dream.

Source by Mohammed Abdul Nadeem