If you are thinking about buying a used car in Minnesota or any place, you need to put a buying guide line together. By taking the time and putting a guide together to follow you will get more car for your money. If at all possible don’t jump on the first car that fits your budget.

Ask yourself a few questions and write down your answer. Then start shopping for that car. Here are just a few.

1. Do you want a new car or used car?

2. Are you going to finance a car or pay cash for it?

3. What is your budget for a monthly payment?

4. Do you have any money to put down or a car to trade in as the down payment?

5. Are you looking for a monthly payment or the total amount the car is going to cost?

6. What options do you need? Power windows, A/C, CD player, Sunroof, aluminum wheels, leather, nav.system, power seats, heated seats.

7. What color do you want?

You probably can come up with more questions for yourself. Don’t worry about purchasing a used car from a private party. Just make sure to ask the sellers if they have records of any past service done to the car. Do they have a private mechanic that they had the car serviced with. Ask if you can take the car to a shop and pay for an inspection. This will give you a better idea if you are getting a mechanically sound car.

If you want a warranty on your new car you need to purchase your car from a dealership. Most dealerships can offer you a warranty on used cars. Make sure you understand the warranty opinions they offer. When purchasing a car from a dealership try to wait until the end of the month to purchase it. This is the time that the dealership is trying to make monthly quotas and will negotiate more to make the deal. Call the dealership and ask them if they have a website. Check out the website and find out what they have the price listed at on the site. Most of the time you will see it listed for a lot lower price then the price on the lot. Go to NADA.com and see what the price for retail is and also check to see what your trade is worth.

The dealership probably already had the car safetied but that does not mean you cannot take it to you mechanic to inspect it also. Don’t worry about it being a rental car either. I have rented cars before and never beat on them like some people will say. Take your time and you will find a great deal on the new car or used car you are looking for.

Source by Peter I.