According to the results put forth by a popular survey, companies with corporate blogs are known to generate more business leads than companies that do not have blogs for showcasing their products and services, and this has been established as a proven fact for B2B as well as B2C companies. Social media marketing for small business ventures is a suitable strategy for various reasons. Most importantly, small business houses may not have enough funds to spare for huge advertising spends. Social media marketing for small business houses is an ideal alternative because they entail minimal costs and ensure a product pitch before a wide audience.

Implementing strategies for small business enterprises requires some basic groundwork and knowledge building before you can embark upon the actual implementation techniques. There are several alternatives available however, all of which can ensure cost effective marketing initiatives online. Some of the most viable options are listed below.

Social Media Marketing For Small Business: Suitable Platforms

Some of the most effective platforms that can be utilised for social media marketing for small business initiatives are listed below:

* Facebook: Facebook is possibly one of the cheapest platforms for social media marketing. It boasts more than 500 million live users. You can showcase your products and services through specialized Facebook pages as well as by joining relevant groups and communities. Your Facebook fan page can be used for propagating your ideas across the various groups you are part of.

* Twitter: Twitter has also emerged as a great platform for showcasing products and services. You can use your tweets effectively to provide relevant information on the company blogs you might have, in order to engage prospective customers and evangelists.

* Use LinkedIn: LinkedIn is another social network, but predominantly used by business professionals. It enjoys the patronage of about 50 million users across 200 countries. Showcasing your products here will, therefore, ensure good exposure as well. Ideally, you should do some research to find out exactly how other small business owners are using this platform to their advantage and use this information to modify your own initiative.

However, before using of any of these platforms for social media marketing for small business houses, one needs to be familiar with implementing the respective strategies suitably. Reading up on each of these social networks m and mastering their usage should ideally be the most suitable method to be adopted by business entrepreneurs.

Source by Gardner Wilkinson