Here are some tips for promotion of your music if your an artist.

1. DON’T try to sell your first mixtape. Give it out for free. Why would some one buy from you and they don’t know you. You must first establish a name.

2. Make some songs for the club. It’s cool to be real and all but sometimes people want to have a good time when they are listening to music. You can get some club type or southern popular instrumentals from a lot of only sites. We even provide those.

3. Do free shows. Publicity is money.

4. Make sure you have your music quality as clean and clear as possible. If you don’t, there is always another artist who will.

5. You can promote using a Facebook page. Get a fan page but don’t spam people to buy it. Just run an ad campaign and you can get a nice fan base.

6. Have a budget! Do not start off broke. Nothing x Nothing = What? Nothing. Unless your really lucky. You need a budget so you can market your self properly.

7. Through events and post signs. If your part of a label or independent then get a group of people in your camp together so ya’ll can sponsor a car wash or a picnic and sometimes during those events you can perform your song. People will remember that.

8. Remember that even though it may seem easy you should treat your music career as a business if you want to get business like results.

Source by Demorio Hall