Did you know that YouTube serves up over 200,000,000 video clips per day?

And that video ranks amongst the highest of all time factors that drive potential customers to websites today? Research done recently on Alexa rankings and many other site engine watchdogs show that YouTube traffic charts are showing staggering figures that are growing daily by leaps and bounds.

Simply, if you create a promotional video today and post it to YouTube which will link it to your site or web page you could potentially bring tens of thousands of visitors a day to your site. It has worked for thousand of people, some even have become world famous virtually overnight!

So why is it so popular? Basically, it is because it is virtually free and because the host sites pay for all the bandwidth, hosting and traffic that comes to your video promotion…think about that for a moment.

A video that is inexpensive or even free will be a great investment that could potentially bring droves of traffic to a site for months or even years to come.

But I expect that you think, like I did a up to a short while ago, making a great video and getting them out there to tens of thousands of people a day is the really hard part. Surprisingly enough, it’s nowhere as difficult as might be expected and incredibly enough part of the huge video success spin off has been a world of free video editing and software that can simply be downloaded for free once you know where to go.

Also it’s a little known fact that there are many new video sites that are springing up all over the web now and there are at least twenty at the moment all of which can multiply your daily views at an incredible rate.

Whilst I was researching the ins and outs of video production for my site I came across some really interesting snippets of information that I didn’t know about before.

For instance:

· Did you know that:

· There are ten important factors that if included into a video will vastly improve the effectiveness of the amount of traffic that will come to your site as a result.

· That there is a neat secret of increasing your overall views using thumbnails?

· That there are really easy and trouble free ways to add effects, titles, transitions and soundtracks to your video that were almost impossible unless you bought a really expensive software program?

· Videos are probably one of the most effective and cheap ways of increasing traffic

It’s been proven easily that videos can be astonishing in being able to virally spread around the internet in amazingly short spaces of time, even hours after posting What else can possible achieve that?

What is also surprising to learn is that there are almost endless variations of ‘hooking’ video viewers that simply shove your ratings through the roof! One enterprising fellow posted dozens of really short clips to get people curious then literally raked in thousand upon thousands of people to his website.

A technology company created a video about life in the office that at one point was being viewed thousands of times per hour.

Probably the greatest sensation of all video successes was how the major Hollywood film “Borat, Cultural learnings of America to make benefit Glorious nation of Kazakhstan ” used YouTube to make this low budget film an income of over $100,000,000 dollars!

These successes are only limited by the imagination of the creator, clearly.

Another fact is that you don’t actually need great video that works footage to create a good videclip that works well. It is also possible to create a good video without using any actual video in it at all, simply using still photos effectively spliced together. You’d never think it would work at all, but it does very well.

Many videos include state of the art music and soundtracks that cost a small fortune to create but in fact it is possible to find great production music clips that you may freely use for nothing. The internet is truly amazing!

The actual uses of a video clip can be endless. You can:

· Promote yourself or your website

· Promote your own products from home

· You can demonstrate a product

· You can promote a business, any business whether it be small or huge. Video can put you up there with the big boys!

· Embed videos into your site, that’s cool!

· Increase AdSense revenue greatly

· And probably the most important tool that video has is the ability to go ‘totally viral’ and put your site, product or simply you right out there into the World to millions of people in days, months or sometimes even hours!

The inspiration for this article came from an e-book that landed on my desktop a little while ago. It’s called “Tube Traffic”-Discover the little know secrets of generating free website traffic”

“Oh Yeah”, I thought, what’s this but the more I read the more sense it made. It answers just about any question that there is about how to produce good, solid video clips for your own particular use.

In these days of astounding join up rates of the new social networking sites and the new Web 2.0 ( Facebook alone reportedly signs up over 25,000,000 new accounts every week!! and stats show that 19% earn over $100,000 dollars a year) so it’s just not kids at college any more and it is vital to realise that very few marketers realise the massive potential that videoclips hold in store. If you want your site to ‘buzz’ and start to take off it’s time to ‘get video’ and get viral!

WHAT IS YouTube?

A few ( amazing ) facts:

· YouTube is a free, online video sharing website that can upload,watch and share videoclips. It’s that simple.

· YouTube went from zero to 4,000.000 monthly visitors within three months and is growing daily.

· Google bought YouTube for $1.6 BILLION dollars within only twenty months of the company being formed! That is a big WOW!

· YouTube rivals TV for advert showing.

· 65.000 videoclips are uploaded every day! Where do they store them?

Source by Terry Buddell