Are you being pulled in every direction online? Today it’s ecom, tomorrow it’s selling t-shirts, the next day it’s viral traffic software that gets you 5,000 visitors by clicking a button! Yeah, I get it, there’s a lot of junk going around out there. In this article you’ll find out what is needed to build a consistent business online in just 4 steps.

The very best thing I have learned over the years is to FOCUS on 1, yes 1 SINGLE method and don’t stop until you perfect it. If you keep jumping around from ecom, to Twitter, physical products, email marketing, video channel marketing, etc. the list goes on and on, you’ll find in a year, you are right back at square 1.

HOWEVER – let’s say you choose email marketing (my personal favorite) just do some numbers…

After 1 year, you could have an business bringing in a conservative, easy, $50/day…

Month 1 – you set up your landing page, list and email sequence and begin marketing

Every day, you drive 50 visitors to your landing page (either free traffic like blogging, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, YT vids, etc.) OR paid traffic, approx. $0.40/click * 50 clicks/day = $20/day in ad spend

If your opt in page converts at say 35% (pretty average), you’ll get approx. 17 New subscribers per day.

17 * 30 = 510 subscribers per month

(now some will drop off and unsubscribe, but just hypothetically here)

Month 2 = 1020 subscribers

Month 3 = 1530 subscribers

and after 1 year doing the same thing every day (50 visits, 17 subscribers per day)

you’d have 6,120 subscribers on your email list.

Now – I haven’t even gotten into the breaking even portion of your list building. Along the way when you’re sending 50 clicks per day to your landing page – you can provide the visitors with value and direct them to an offer which you are an affiliate for and will make money if they buy. Don’t sell things to them – RECOMMEND things to them.

Like, hey, this email is all about getting traffic to your blog/website/ecom site, whatever. I ran across this really cool program that shows you how to utilize social media and get 50 visitors per day in just an hour worth of work! pretty neat, so if you’re having issues getting traffic, check this out while you have a minute.

and then link to the offer in your email.

There’s quite a bit more to it than just that, but I think you get the idea… FOCUS day after day, month after month, and if you really take this seriously, you can have a good size email list in just a year. Just think if you double your efforts = 100 visits per day = 12,240 subscribers after 1 year.

Why do you think the big names in this arena always show how they’re making $1000+ PER DAY online?

It’s because of this…

They started 10 years ago – they started off strong and got waaay more than 100 visits to their landing pages per day and built up email lists in the 100’s of thousands… like 500,000 to 1,000,000 people on their list.

Now – of course people unsubscribe and what not, but they keep adding and adding and adding more subscribers.

When they email their list of 500,000 subscribers, they get probably 10,000-15,000 people to open it and another 2000-3000 to CLICK the link… now if they’re really good and have a great relationship with their list – they can send a single email and make $10,000s in a single DAY. It’s not uncommon, but you have to START somewhere.

Let’s get you started off on the right foot, check out the free PDF that goes into more detail on these 4 steps.

Source by Bryan Super