Many people have bad stories to tell about their treatments. Some of the people who have undergone surgery for the genital wart removal cannot express the pain and agony that they have undergone during and after the surgery. They get totally traumatized and sometimes even cannot bear the pain. Though the surgeons may give local anesthesia, the pain continues after the effect of the anesthesia subsides.

To avoid the pain, burns, stinging, and scarring caused by the surgery, people turn toward other alternative genital warts treatments. These alternative genital wart removal treatments are considered to be totally safe and mostly comprise creams and oils. There is a very popular website named that sells a cream called as the Terrasil cream. According to, there are many benefits of the Terrasil cream and it is widely accepted all over the world.

The processes by which the warts are removed are as painful as the warts themselves. They are either frozen by liquid Nitrogen, burnt off by acids, cut out surgically or removed with laser. Medicines are often injected directly on the already sore warts. More over, all of them cause very bad side effects. The patient applied ointments too can bring about devastating results if the application procedure is followed literally. Moreover, these medicines are for use on the external warts only, not on the mucous membranes.


The website is so confident about their Terrasil cream that they are offering a money back guarantee. According to the money back policy, if the person does not get any visibly reduced genital warts, their money will be returned to them. The website claims that to get rid of the genital warts, the Terrasil cream kills off the virus that causes the genital warts. The name of the virus that causes genital warts is called as the HPV or human papilloma virus.

Most surgeries on the other hand only remove the external appearances of the genital warts and don’t kill the virus. If the website is true to what it is claiming then it is the one of the greatest breakthroughs in medical science. Most medications that are available in the market today remove the external warts and don’t kill the human papilloma virus. If the Terrasil cream is successful in killing the human papilloma virus then the chances of reoccurrence of the genital warts is very remote.

On the other hand, Terrasil boasts of 99% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, even after using it for three months the company promises to return your money. So far, less than one percent of total customers from over 140 countries have availed this opportunity. This proves how effective it is in tackling the HPV infection!

Try Terrasil if you have tried the traditional procedures and have failed. Try Terrasil even if you have developed the warts lately and have not undergone any mode of treatment. In short, if you want to remove genital warts in a safe and painless manner, Terrasil is for you. Do you know that the company offers a 90 days money back guarantee and only 1% have so far avail this opportunity. That translates into 99% customer satisfaction! What else can one expect?

According to the website, the Terrasil cream must be applied in a very specific manner. First, the patient must clean the affected area with soap and warm water. Then, the patient must take a small amount of the Terrasil cream and then apply it on to the infected area directly-no dilution is required. After the application, the Terrasil cream must be rubbed into the skin surface gently.

Concisely, this is what the Terrasil genital warts remover cream does for you:

• It kills the HPV that cause the genital warts with its unique formula containing activated minerals. Your healing begins the moment you start rubbing the cream on the wart.

• Heals damaged skin and prevents scarring. The activated minerals promote blood flow and help to grow new tissue.

• The plant extracts and beeswax provide soothing relief so that the inflammation, itching, bumps, redness and discomfort can reduce quickly.

• As there is no chemicals, paraben or steroids, the formula does not harm the skin in way.

Source by Matthew McMillan