I am writing this article to give hope and options to cancer patients and family members who are looking for better ways to treat this dreaded disease. The diagnosis of the disease is often accompanied by fear of the treatment since it is so invasive and destructive to healthy parts of the body. Since many people are anxious to get rid of the disease as soon as possible they may not seek alternatives until after the conventional treatment has failed. In reality, depending on the cancer alternatives alone or combined with conventional care have better statistical results.

My Dad is one who thankfully has not become a statistic. He was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer at age 56 in 1992. The recommendation of his local oncologist was to treat with prostectomy, chemo and radiation. My Dad was not interested in radiation or chemo since he had already seen many friends die of the side effects of these treatments. Soon after this my Dad’s sister heard about a Doctor at Stanford who was well respected for his work with prostate cancer. My Dad went to see him and his recommendation was for prostectomy only. He said he had tried chemo and radiation for prostate cancer and it just didn’t work well. He also recommended following up with a blood PSA test every year.

My Dad recovered from the surgery and proceeded to get his blood work done every year for the next 11 years. He had a slight increase in PSA in his last test and the Doctors did not say anything about it so he decided not to get it tested anymore. Three years later he went to the doctor feeling very tired. In April 2006 they found his PSA to be over 300 and his x-rays and PET scans confirmed widespread osseous metastases throughout his spine, pelvis, ribs, and hips. The prognosis from local oncologists was grim. They recommended radiation for pain, but not to cure the cancer. They also predicted him to live approximately 6 months to 2 years.

He then tried an alternative clinic with various treatments and a radical change in diet for the next 6 months. This was not effective for him. His next PET scan was much worse and his PSA was over 700. He was in pain, not hungry and very lethargic.

He then read a book called “Outsmart Your Cancer” by Tanya Harter Pierce. He found she had written four chapters of twenty four about Protocel and every other treatment she had only written one chapter. He decided to try Protocel. It is an antioxidant available over the counter. It is a liquid that must be taken every 5 hours. The cost of this treatment is approximately $50 per month. Within 4 weeks his pain had reduced and he had more energy. He continued with the Protocel for the next 6 months and improved significantly. He also went back to Stanford and received 2 injections of Lupron 2 months apart. He was told the Lupron may halt the cancer growth but would not reverse it.

In April 2007, one year after his diagnosis his PET SCAN WAS ALMOST CLEAR of any bone metastasis. “Marked improvement on the previous pattern of widespread osseous metastatic disease. No new bone lesions are seen and the previous have nearly resolved.” Thank GOD! We were so grateful and happy.

Just last week, 6 months later, still taking Protocel, and not further injections, October 15, 2007, my Dad had another clear PET scan.

Source by Carrie Wolf