What most people don’t seem to realize is that there are millions of other people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. It is a medical condition wherein the body produces more sweat than what it normally does. This condition can be classified as mild or severe. The treatments available for this condition will be based on the severity.

Other treatment options available for excessive sweating take up time and effort. Especially since you need to research on all of them and select which one would work best for your problem. If you want to instantly and permanently stop sweating excessively on certain areas, then you should probably lean towards the surgical treatments instead of settling for natural yet temporary treatment modalities.

ETS Surgery or Endospcopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is a procedure wherein portions of the body’s sympathetic nervous system is located with the use of an endoscope and they are clamped or cut. This way, the brain won’t be able to connect to the sweat glands, therefore, stopping the production of sweat entirely.

This is classified as a major operation since the patient is put to sleep and the nerves are the ones being clamped or cut. If the procedure was done through cutting the nerve chains, then it is irreversible. But experts claim that given time, the nerves will heal. Another way on how this procedure is done is by clamping the nerve chains with the use of surgical clamps to prevent the sending and receiving of impulses to the brain. This is a reversible procedure though, yet it requires another surgery to remove the clamps which are in place.

ETS surgery is an effective and immediate treatment for the cure of excessive sweating. Like all the other treatment options, it is a must that you read beforehand the positive and negative effects of this surgical procedure before diving in. Find out all that you can about this topic and weigh the benefits. If you have other alternatives, search for all of them.

The positive effect that could come out of this surgical procedure is that it will permanently stop the sweating on that body part. It is definitely a sure fire treatment to ultimately controlling excessive sweating. Another good thing about this procedure also is that it is done once. It’s not like Botox injection treatments wherein you have to schedule appointments to redo the session every 3months.

An adverse effect of the ETS surgery is the compensatory sweating. This is a common after effect which occurs on the lower portions of the body like the legs or the back. This is due to the fact that since the brain recognizes that the body cannot produce sweat, like on the underarms, it will influence the other parts of the body to produce more to compensate for the loss. Other side effects include gustatory sweating, decreased stamina, night sweating and weight gain.

There are other modes of treatments for excessive sweating and not just this surgical procedure. Try and test some of them out. They might just suit your body and help control your sweating problem.

Source by Dominique H. Spinks