Allerbegone bee pollen is bee pollen that is manufactured out of the states under the High Desert name. Allerbegone bee pollen was at the height of its controversy when Senator Tom Harkin of the United States started standing up for the bee pollen benefits and causing a stir in the ‘house’.

The Senator began a bee pollen supplemental program consisting of Allerbegone bee pollen and it had marvelous healing effects. As a matter of history, he was so moved by the product and it’s miraculous effects on him that it encouraged him to fight for Alternative Medicine recognition.

After a somewhat fierce battle and many debates with fellow senators, he finally won the motion to allow federally funds to go to the newly created Office of Alternative Medicine in order to research and document the medical miraculous benefits as well as general health benefits to bee pollen. Way to fight for our rights, Senator Tom!

The Ingredients of Allerbegone Bee Pollen

The ingredients of Allerbegone bee pollen are much the same with a few added extras as bee pollen. The nutrients found in bee pollen are of very high quality and contains nutrients that are essential in maintaining essential human life. Bee pollen supplements promote healing in muscle and aid in the building of muscle, as well as promotes accelerated healing. It also is a source of carbohydrates, which our body needs to convert into energy, as well as provides fuel for the body. These very things make Allerbegone bee pollen not only essential in the aid of treating allergies; it is also a great way to add a

Allerbegone Bee Pollen and Allergies

Allerbegone bee pollen is used in the effective treatment of allergies by introducing allergens into the body so that they may build up a defense against them. This works like a vaccination in that by adding these, the immune system will not react and over produce histamine the next time that substance is exposed to the body.

Like the old saying goes, “Hair of the dog that bit you”.

Source by John Gibb