Each of us, experience, some degree of stress, and/ or, tension – related, situations, experiences, and health impacts, at some times, in live! Eliminating stresses, is not feasible, but, wouldn’t we all benefit, if/ when, we handled these, in a more productive, even – productive, manner? Most Americans, opt for, taking prescription medications, and/ or, some other, invasive procedure, in order to minimize their handling of this scenario, but, for the majority of us, there are several other options, alternatives, and approaches, which are less – invasive, have fewer, side effects, and, are, usually, less addictive! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 non – chemical, non – invasive approaches, used by many, to help, reduce their personal, negative stresses.

1. Herbs/ essences/ homeopathy: There are some herbs, which, have, over – time, shown, to be helpful/ beneficial, to assist us, in this important quest! In addition, some strongly believe in, and use, flower essences, such as those, discovered, nearly a century ago, by the British physician, Dr. Edward Bach. Still, others, opt to follow a homeopathic regimen, because, of the rarity of side effects, etc. After, discussion with one’s trusted, health professional, each person, should make a well – considered, decision, in regards to which approach, he feels, most comfortable, with!

2. Meditation: Many people discover, they are able, to significantly, better – handle, their stresses, and tensions, by using meditation, etc. This is an attempt to funnel one’s thoughts, more productively, and expand the self – imposed, limitations, of their personal, comfort zone!

3. Self – hypnosis: There have been volumes, written about, using, self – hypnosis, in a personally, beneficial way! These techniques, tend to focus one’s energies, especially, mental/ emotional ones, in a far – more, productive manner, and seek a path – forward, rather than dwelling on certain obstacles. etc.

4. Positive affirmations: Many, including me, have written, extensively, about, the benefits, of using, properly, positive affirmations, to make oneself, stronger, happier, and, thus, usually, healthier, also! This requires, giving yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, in order to be, objective, and introspective! These statements, must be, of significance, to the individual, and using these, effectively, means, stating them, in a positive, present – term, way, to address, matters, which matter, to you!

5. Alternative practitioners: Many people, have found, using a trusted, alternative health practitioner (some call them, naturopaths, etc), beneficial! Some of these, techniques, include: therapeutic massage, Reiki, accupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, etc. However, one should examine, the positives, and negatives, associated with each techniques, the quality of the specific practitioner, and what you, are comforted with/ believe in! However, remember, it makes sense, to discuss, your plans, and reasoning, with a respected, health care practitioner, before starting any regimen, and/ or, treatment!

Instead of letting, personal stresses, and tensions, control you, doesn’t it make sense, to consider, your best, personal approach, to effectively, handling/ addressing, them, to make you, learn important lessons, and become better, and stronger? Are you, up to this task?

Source by Richard Brody