You are faced with decisions every day as to how you should market business – where do you start?

The internet now provides another consideration or “headache” even though TV, radio and newspapers have traditionally been the first point of call. So many people are now online you simply must go beyond conventional marketing strategies. In fact over 80% of people in your local area are going online first to decide who they will do business with. Most do not buy online “at the moment” but simply drive to your business and make a purchase.

No longer does one a size fit all strategy approach work when it comes to marketing your business. Business owners who continue to ignore or fail to embrace internet marketing as a way of the future will simply be eaten up by those that are choosing this new age marketing stream. There is a way to use the internet effectively to grow your business and drive sales, just like their is a way to write an effective newspaper advertisement. However what I find is business owners do not take the time to find out how to do this and thus are at the mercy of sales people marketing companies.

Fortunately internet marketing offers an array of possibilities to increase your businesses earnings potential. Now most of you are not interested in how we get your website to rank or what has to be done, you just want the sales and customers to flow. However for the sake of the article here are a number of techniques used. We have the written article, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), link building, internet radio, popup, banners, pay per click advertising and the list goes on.

If you were to invest in internet marketing. Where should you invest your time and money to see a return from internet and online marketing?

Firstly, let’s look at what’s available. Two types of advertising can be considered – paid and organic. Advertising such as pay per click (Google AdWords), banner ads, text links, newsletter advertising, and more are some of the paid options.

Organic internet marketing includes originally written articles, podcasts, video distribution, back links, social media. Well you get the idea. I could go into which is best however why not review the article I have written discussing stick I go further in depth into why one is preferable over the other (a little factor called STICK) and you can read about that in my next blog post here, but for now let just say that paid advertising is a short term way to corner the market for visibility, but holds no long term value.

You will reap long term rewards that will last for years with organic internet marketing. If you place good quality content across the internet, after a little bit of time you will build up links called back links. Once there, they increase your presence across the net and build ranking for you. If the link comes a reputable quality site then the value of the ranking is worth more to you. More people see you, so you get more traffic, more traffic means more people purchase your product. It’s that simple!

Source by Heatey Gilmore