Movie Maker software is at the core of Windows video editing. It is an excellent program that allows people to turn their video camera footage into something special. All you do is simply connect your camera to your computer and upload your video into the program.

Then you have the ability to edit, add effects, graphics, transitions, titles, narration, music, opening and ending credits. It is like having your own movie studio on your computer. This program was designed to be first-time user friendly while still giving Windows Movie Maker enthusiasts plenty of features to create with.

What makes this editing software so cool is that it appeals to everyone. It could be used to transform video from a family vacation, special birthday or any other event you want to remember into a professional-looking video. Gone are the days of having to watch boring unedited videos with minutes or even hours of nothing interesting to see. Now you can edit out the boring, add the interesting and create some professional digital touches.

Do not be surprised if video editing starts off as a casual hobby and grows into a real passion. If that happens you can always upgrade your editing software. There are awesome add-ons for Windows XP – Movie Maker to give you even more editing choices.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish with your video this software can help get you there. It makes it amazingly easy to share whatever you edit; your video can be made available on the web, a mobile device, or on DVD.

Source by Christopher W. Smith