Do you suffer from viral post envy? You know what I mean, it’s that nagging feeling that everybody else’s Facebook posts are getting shared but yours aren’t. And frankly, getting people to share your posts isn’t an easy thing to do. And to make matters worse Facebook has continue to decrease in organic reach of most posts… particularly those on business fan pages. To even getting people to see your posts in the first place can be a challenge.

But if you want, it is possible to get people not only seeing your posts, but sharing them too. Now I can’t promise that the fixing the following five common problems will cause every post to go viral, but they’ll sure help get you more love from folks on Facebook.

1. Your Posts Lack Emotion

Your posts probably just lack emotion. And emotion is what grabs people on social media, it engages people through visual drama, humor, and sometimes even anger or frustration.

Here’s what to do about it:

Get more personal with your posts. Share stories that wouldn’t be expected. Tell people what’s going on behind the­ scenes in your business or in your life. Maybe even some photos of you doing some goofy things. These kinds of posts will help make you more real to your followers, and go a long way to helping them connect with your business.

Remember, people do business with people… not companies.

2. Your Posts Aren’t Shareable

Boring content alert! An interesting fact, does not a shareable post make. Neither does what you ate for breakfast, what movie theatre you just check in at, or some poignant observation you made (only in text). These kinds of posts either get ignore, or simply put people to sleep. If you don’t stuff shared on Facebook, Keep posting this kind of stuff. Otherwise get more creative.

Here’s what to do about it:

Discover what’s viral, and either emulate it or share that content with your followers. Two great tools for this are Post Planner and BuzzSumo.

3. Your Timing Is Off

Quick… what’s the best time to post on your Facebook Fan Page? You don’t know?

Then that means you aren’t tracking your results.

Here’s what to do about it:

Use your Fan Page Insights to monitor when your followers are on Facebook, and look at the analytics on your page posts. And don’t be afraid to test new things out. You may discover something unexpected.

4. You’re Not Sharing Your Own Stuff

If you don’t share, how can you expect anyone else to? That’s probably not a fair question. But that fact is that viral posts are often the result of a snowball effect, and you can start pushing that snowball yourself. If you’re not interested in paying for ads on Facebook (and you should seriously consider doing some ads), the next best thing is sharing your Fan Page content yourself.

Here’s what to do about it:

Make sure to share things on your personal social media accounts from your Fan Page that you want others to see. Don’t restrict this to just sharing inside Facebook. You can extend these shares to other social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. And, if you have employees or other partners who can help get that snowball rolling using their personal accounts, so much the better.

5. People Don’t Care About The Topics In Your Posts

It’s highly probable that your fans are simply not interested in the things you are posting about. Viral content isn’t usually going to come from business or industry related stuff.

Here’s what to do about it:

It’s okay to post “off topic” if it’s relevant enough to your audience, and will engage them to the point that they’ll start seeing other posts of yours that lead to sales. So consider posting about topics that have proven to go viral. Klout created a list of the top 10 viral topics:

– Music

– TV

– Holidays

– Software

– Religion

– Celebrities

– Movies

– Books

– Business

– Food

Source by D. Baer