Facebook is one of the best places to build your business’ online presence. It has the largest user base providing you tons of potential customers as well as so many options on the kind of materials you can use. It would be quite the missed opportunity for a business not to use the platform.

It’s great for advertising, but with its benefits come guidelines that have to be followed to make sure you stay on Facebook’s good side. With that, here are what you should avoid when using Facebook advertising.

Copyright Issues

Facebook is quite particular when it comes to avoiding copyrighted material. They can and will prevent your content from being shown or even remove it without prior notice if they feel that you’re violating copyrights.

Whether the usage of the copyrighted material was intended or not, it still affects your campaign if you’ve boosted any of your posts.

It doesn’t stop there. It’s important that your copy doesn’t come off as “clickbait-y” or explicitly seeking reactions. Not following Facebook’s call for quality posts can lead to your material gaining less reach. It affects your overall efficiency.

Less Convenient Organic Reach

The algorithm change that Facebook brought upon us all early this year has changed how marketers strategized Facebook campaigns. Everyone has to make posts as relevant as possible if they want any chance of appearing on their users’ feeds. This is as opposed to relying on post chronology.

Since a like from a user doesn’t ensure that they’ll see your posts anymore, Increasing the quality of your posts is a must. Invest more effort into making your content at par with other pages competing for a spot in the feeds.


As Facebook is a great advertising channel, you can expect other businesses, including your main competitors, to be there as well. This may make creating an impression more difficult, but not impossible.

It all lies in how creative you are when establishing your identity as a business. When achieved, however, this means getting brand loyalty from you customers.

Too Costly

Note that this is only likely to happen if your campaign isn’t managed well. Improper targeting, too lengthy of a boost duration, and not checking your stats regularly can harm a campaign’s effectiveness.

How a campaign is managed is as important as the campaign itself. Producing a lot of great material won’t mean much if it doesn’t reach the right people’s feeds or if they get sick of the material so quickly that they block your page.

These are some of the things to be careful with when you decide to advertise on Facebook. That shouldn’t turn you off, though, as with anything else that’s great, it’s bound to have some sort of catch.

But it’s all easy to avoid when you work with the right Facebook advertising partner for your campaign, which goes to show how seeking expert assistance with social media marketing is a worthwhile investment.

Source by Donald Smithon