Website promotion is perhaps the one thing that is not really considered while a website is actually being developed. And then once development is completed (most often without any UX testing), the need to promote it will arise and will probably be one of the biggest challenges.

This article tries to throw some light in that little dark space to address web promotion challenges that a business wanting to have an online presence would face.

Web promotion comprises of using various online marketing channels such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Online Display Advertising

While e-mail marketing is a very effective channel, it does not help improve the visibility of your website and thus there would be no online presence of your business as such. You will have to rely on the database for which you probably in most cases have to pay. Search Engine Marketing [SEM] addresses this drawback of e-mail marketing and have proven to be a strong channel for marketing online. SEM basically means using search engines as a platform to market your business offerings online.

With SEM, a strategy is very important or things could go out of control. It requires time and patience, but guarantees a measurable result and you will be able to notice the difference and value addition it makes to your business. It little more into SEO is explained below,

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] perhaps is the first basic step to initiate a promotion of a website besides e-mail and word-of-mouth marketing. It a process of fine tuning your website for search engines. Most well experienced webmasters recommend incorporation of SEO practices while the website is in development as much as possible. However, the practise is not very common.

There are many marketing companies in Bangalore that provide website promotion services. But, very little of them really specialise in marketing and promoting a website on search engines. Heck, almost all the web design and development companies provide the basic SEO services. The problem for a customer with very little knowledge on the field of website promotion is TRUST. There have been instances where businesses especially small business have invested considerable money and have felt being looted or deceived.

So, just when you think of promoting your website – try to do is yourself as much possible. This will help you discover the complexities involved in executing promotion of your website. If however this is not of interest to you and your time could be of better use, think of a specialist digital marketing agency that can fit your budget. Please do not forget to ask the agency to educate you on how your website would be marketed and promoted online on search engines. Website promotion will always demand a Search Engine Marketing [SEM] strategy.

Evaluate and re-evaluate the benefits of the offer and then make a decision. Signing up with specialist digital marketing agencies comes with benefits as there would be a team dedicated to the promotion of your website with latest in industry knowledge and this will always be imparted directly to benefit your website and hence your business.

While SEO is a slow process with long-term benefits, a quickie is using Pay Per Click [PPC] to start promoting your website to attract visitors immediately. PPC is to basically place textual ads linking to your website on the search engine result pages relevant to your services/products. It also provides demographic targeting to manage your online advertising to your target market with high level of accountability.

Do follow up on relevant articles to understand better about SEM and it’s benefits for your business.

Source by Harsha Jadhav