Who doesn’t want to work from the comforts of their home? People usually consider the option of working from home when they find it difficult and stressful to go out every day, deal with the horrendous traffic and come back to a home that also needs to be looked after. Working from home is much more convenient as it allows individuals to balance their work and home life and also save commuting time and expense. The popularity of social media networks has made it an excellent option for individuals to make money from home by establishing a reputation. Here are some ways through which money can be made via social media:

Selling Editorial Skills

You probably possess editorial credentials if you cringe at poor grammar, subject and verb agreement, spelling errors, use of passive voice and sentence structure. As a matter of fact, the use of 140-character restricted Twitter and ‘text speak’ has wreaked considerable havoc on the English language and people have forgotten the spelling and grammatical rules that they learnt in third grade. Therefore, calamity strikes when they have to write a book or report. Individuals who have good grammar skills can set up their business on social media websites and charge individuals for providing their skills.

Online Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness guru? Can you answer questions concerning nutrition, sports conditioning, getting in shape and weight loss? If you are an established and qualified fitness expert, you can use this knowledge for earning money. It has become relatively easy to develop an online personal training service, thanks to video sharing services like Skype.

YouTube Monetizing

It has become possible for individuals to monetize their YouTube channels. Ads can be placed on YouTube videos shared by people and this allows them to earn revenues from the advertisements. There are different types of ads such as TrueView ads and overlay ads. If your video is popular, it is likely that your income from ads will also rise.


We see a lot of apps on social networks such as Facebook on a daily basis. However, there wasn’t a wizard who actually created these apps. It was software developers who did this job. If you are an app developer, you can join any social network and earn a substantial income on a monthly basis without needing to leave your home.

Sponsored Tweets

This is particular useful for Twitter users when they want to make money from home. Brands use this option for reaching new customers and increasing the number of followers. Individuals are required to compose a tweet that’s in accordance with the guidelines of the company. The eligibility of candidates is determined on the number of followers and the influence one has over them.

Social Media Manager

A number of businesses have come to accept the importance of using social media for their company, but don’t know how to go about it. Social media manager can enter the scene here and take the responsibility of updating posts, answering questions, advertising and promoting and deal with web hosting.

Source by Waqar Hasan