Virtualization of your business, server, network, storage, application, operating system, or your desktop, are best accomplished with proper monitoring tools and security features in the cloud computing service you work with.

Your Cloud Should be in compliance with your Business Needs

Whether you are dealing with Exchange 2003 or Google apps, it becomes important that the virtualization proceeds involved in the cloud architecture are done in compliance with a clean understanding of the market your business is catering to.

Innovative Business Management Processes in the Cloud

With increasing changes in cloud computing technologies, innovative methods of delivering IT based business management services are being introduced perpetually. Microsoft Exchange and Google are well known of the several Cloud Apps providers serving the most financially sensitive institutions.

Already with Exchange 2003

If you are already in to virtualization with Exchange, you are probably checking in to the required information for migrating from Exchange 2003 to Google Apps. You are probably in to the decision making after analyzing through the several pros and cons of migrating to Google after Microsoft decided to stop support for Exchange.

Welcome to Google

If during the decision making process you consulted with savvy cloud enterprise technicians, you would have probably decided to migrate to Google. Congrats on your decision to move to Google Apps account. Read further…

To Dos after Deciding to Migrate to Google

First of all, once you have decided to migrate to Google, you will have to establish a Google Apps account. Depending on whether you are a profit or non-profit organization you have to decide between Google Apps Premier Edition (or) Google Apps Education Edition (or) other Google Based Business Solutions.

Account Review

The duration of time you might have to wait for the review after you have signed up for the accounts can be anywhere from a couple days through 1 to 2 days for business accounts. In cases, where you are a non-profit organization, you might have to wait for probably 2 plus weeks. It depends on the pending registrations waiting for approval at the Google desk.

Quick and Dirty Review of the To Dos

• After you have established an account you should set up user accounts.

• Then you will have to Activate the email or DNS as required

• Then you should move your email archives with IMAP migration tool

• Export and import Calendar and Contacts

• Educate your users to make the best use of Google Apps

Downloading the Migration Tool

When you are migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps you can download the migration tool and you can comfortably move email, contacts, calendar, data, from your hosted Exchange account comfortably. The download process is usually smooth and trouble free.

Data Migration in Bulk or in Phases

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a situation involving few data or a big bulk of data you should be able to do it comfortably with Google migration tool for exclusively meant for Exchange migration. Whether you have to deal with migration of PST files or emails from IMAP servers you can work quite comfortably with this tool.

You can try bulk migration of the data of all your users or you can go for selective migration of data to suit the convenience of your personal or business strategy. In cases where you have enormous amount of data to be migrated you can process them in phases. The Google migration tool provides provision for different types of data migration.

I Bumped on an Issue Filled Situation

Though the tools have been well worked out to enable problem free migration, sometimes it is unavoidable that you bump on an issue filled situation, either because you are not sure of how to use the tool or probably because a specific file type requires technical skills that you are not comfortable dealing with.

Despite all the alpha testing and beta testing, and success stories and reviews from real time clients, if you are the odds one in the basket experiencing a glitch, you can get help from companies dealing with Google related enterprise technologies, while you can concentrate on the business processes and financial trends of your business.

Wishing You Great business With Google Apps

Source by Carolyn Clayton