As affiliate marketers, we often perform a lot repetitive tasks each day to ensure that our sites continue to rank well. Whether it’s performing keyword research, creating accounts, posting links or checking our stats, we often do the same things over and over again. What we need is a way to automate all these mundane tasks. Thanks to UBot Studio, an new platform for creating web based bots, we can do this easily. By creating various UBot scripts, we can save a ton of time and concentrate on more fun things to do.

UBot Studio is a development platform for creating your own UBot scripts. It utilizes its own unique Visual Scripting Language which is very easy to pick up. When you open up the software, you’ll basically see a scripting window on the left and a browser on the right. You’ll spend much of the time choosing various elements from the browser window and manipulating it with the various UBot commands. This is all done graphically, and most of the coding is done using the easy to use point and click interface.

UBot was definitely built with affiliate marketers in mind as it comes with several powerful commands for automating common tasks that we need to do. For example, it has built-in Captcha solving capabilities that you’ll often need for account creation bots, and build in proxy flipping support to make sure your bots don’t get blocked. Other common tasks like page scraping are also very easy to do with UBot. Often, one issue with creating automated web bots like this is making them robust. This is not a problem with UBot since it supports standard programing constructs like conditionals, looping.

UBot is still maturing as a platform, and its main developer Seth Turin, is constantly adding new features to it. The latest version of the software includes library support which allows you to construct powerful UBot scripts out of smaller ones. This makes it possible to create sophisticated scripts along the lines of SENuke, without having to pay a monthly fee. Another great feature of using UBot studio, is that you can compile your scripts into EXE files to distribute them others. Why not make a profit out of your own creations?

Although UBot scripting is very easy to pick up, there are extensive learning resources as well. Seth has put together several easy to follow tutorial videos, and other third party developers have created their own videos as well. The UBot forums is also a great place to ask questions and get help with your scripts.

If you are interested in automating your affiliate marketing tasks, do yourself a favor and see if UBot can meet your needs. Watch the tutorial videos and get a feel for how UBot programming works. Then try it out and start developing your own UBot scripts. You’ll soon appreciate all the time an energy your UBot scripts are saving you.

Source by Chris Fong