Email marketing agencieshelp generate more sales, get more leads, and build customer loyalty. Would you like to get closer to your customers? Do you want to generate sales? Do you want to build loyalty and increase awareness? Would you like to see a clear return on your marketing spend?

This marketing strategy offers a quick, flexible, and dynamic way to get your message across that is both cost effective and proven to deliver results. It is one of the most important and overlooked pieces of the complete marketing puzzle. It can serve as both an entry and exit point for virtually any other marketing channel, and it can be a very powerful internal marketing tool as well. This technique isn't just a direct marketing tool, or a less expensive method of delivering newsletters, it's a means of interacting with people to build and grow relationships.

A full service email marketing agency is expensive. They charge every time you do an email marketing campaign. Whether you want to send an email newsletter, an effective email promotion, an email event invitation, or build your email list, you will need a good agency for that. Read on to find out the 12 benefits of using one:

  • They can use pre-built custom made HTML templates for newsletters
  • They can create email campaigns in a snap with an easy-to-use HTML editor
  • They use the best (sometimes most expensive) Auto responders
  • They can build, manage, and secure your email marketing contacts
  • They send email marketing campaigns and make sure they reach the final destination
  • They can get results fast with tracking and reporting
  • They store images on mail servers
  • They have an email removal system
  • They can use servers to bypass your isp's or hosting company sending limits
  • They can give you help every step of the way with FREE coaching & support
  • They sometimes will use Email Cleaning Software
  • Many can email 300,000 customers a month or 3.6 million a year for less than $ 150.00

Source by JT Pearson