The phenomenon that is Video production

Video marketing has grown over the years and is set to continue growing with current trends in technology. Video is highly effective for passing on a lot of information within a short period of time. Trends show that more people prefer video content to other types of content. Video has become one of the most influential forms of media available today. Over 40% of consumers in a recent study admitted to making a purchasing decision after watching a brand clip. It is therefore not surprising that many businesses are seeking video production services to increase engagement.

Trends that are increasing the demand for Video Production services

1. Popularity of television streaming services

Online streaming television services have changed how we view entertainment. These services have enabled viewers to choose the content that they watch and when they watch it for an affordable fee. Viewers are also able to enjoy the content without interruption of advertisements. The days of traditional broadcast are on its last legs as viewers have a lot more control on how they consume content.

This trend of ad-free viewing has forced marketers to be creative with how to reach customers through ads. Businesses are finding greater value in video production for online ads that are engaging. Businesses are focused less on making sales through ads and more on building awareness and familiarity of their brand. Businesses have no restrictions when it comes to telling their stories online. Video ads are becoming more creative and unique thus providing viewers with better content.

2. Increased mobile use

More people are using mobile devices today than before. The trend towards mobile usage to access the internet has in turn led to the preference for video content as opposed to other types of content.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of digital marketing as businesses target the growing number of mobile users. This has also led to the production of videos with vertical alignment. This alignment complements the way we hold our mobile devices.

3. Increased use of social media

People spend a lot of time on social media today. More than 80% of consumers interact with brands on social media networks. Close to half of these consumers admit to interacting with these brands through video content.

Social media has created even more opportunities for businesses to increase brand awareness through short clips. These clips are often no longer than 30 seconds.

Video content is everywhere on the internet. This trend is being driven mainly by the increased use of smartphones, online streaming services and social media.

Source by Paul Nandrajog