In promoting Internet Marketing, marketers often claim that their systems, products or services can run automatically to make millions of dollars for the business owners. These claims of automation may attract some people to the business. This claim of automatic business processes may be true to a certain extent, but definitely not true on the whole extent of the business.

May newbies and wannabes internet entrepreneurs are actually working people with their fulltime jobs typically 9-5 period. They start browsing the net in their own free time after work in the evenings or the weekends in the hope to discover ways of making money online. These prospective netpreneurs will look for business opportunities that are less risky, perhaps even free business to start with, and those that will run automatically 24/7 even while they are doing their usual 9-5 offline jobs. The claim of automatic business process is understandably very attractive to this group of entrepreneurs. In fact, automation claim to generate passive and residual income is attractive to anybody that is looking for multiple streams of revenue generation.

Internet marketing, like any other businesses, offline or online, requires the usual grill of business development in the beginning and business sustainability in the long run. In the stage of business development, there is the product/service that has to be developed. In Internet marketing, either service (system) or products or both need to be developed by the entrepreneur first. Take for example Internet Marketing, one may want to create a website that will be used in the business. The whole process of creation of this website can be outsourced to professionals and be put on the net “automatically” without the business owner having to do anything.

However, it is well known that business has 2 parts; namely, manufacturing or business creation and secondly, marketing. The processes of business creation can be automated to a certain extend once the system has matured but the marketing can not be left to the automatic process alone.

In Internet Marketing, the process of marketing/advertising is aimed at getting traffics especially well targeted traffics. The enterpeneurs can have a marketing system that is running “automatically”, hands-off on the internet. It is mandatory for the netpreneur to continuously monitor the outcomes of the various marketing systems or campaigns all the time,periodically. Those methods that are not working has to be changed to the new ones.

Automation claims in Internet Marketing is only half-truth and it may give the prospective honest Internet Marketers wrong impression of the real requirements in this business.

Source by Hamid Mat Sain MD