Some may call me old-fashioned, but I do rather like traditional forms of communication and working aids. I still have a paper diary to keep a check of my appointments for instance.

My e-mail inbox is cluttered these days and I often do not even give the e-mails much thought. Merrily deleting and deleting – never to be seen again. Even the words free and special offer don’t hit the spot. But arriving home from work and seeing crisp white envelopes or inviting colourful packaging on the mat and my attention is yours.

My colleagues and I are the same at work; with the on-slaught of e-mail traffic even for those dreaded invoices nowadays when the “Postie” arrives we are all excited to see what’s in today’s post. If we see a brightly coloured envelope or a chunky box we simply cannot wait to see what’s inside.

In fact, because the mail pile is less than it used to be; it makes 2016 the best time to use promotional printed direct mail alongside digital marketing. This makes me think that our customers and clients must feel the same way too. Presentation is key to making the best impression but an e-mail has very little chance to do this.

At Christmas and Birthdays the glitzy packaging and bows attract attention and raise a smile and direct mail ideas can make the same impact too. Creating a memorable experience and a talking point with colleagues (as happens at our office) you can make the best impression with a printed physical piece of advertising.

The packaging is just as important as what is inside although obviously care should be taken in deciding what format of mail piece you require. A saying of mine is “interaction equals reaction” and this is because of my own experiences. Whereas an e-mail, a face book post, a tweet is here today and gone in seconds a mini brochure or entertaining interactive piece is picked up again and again.

Inspiration is needed for good communication in the business world but reliance solely upon new avenues maybe a big mistake. Embracing the world of digital is exciting but I do believe that a mini brochure or a desk-top novelty carrying a marketing message is even more effective today. Perceived as a gift and something that has been produced with thought, time, care and cost to the sender makes the recipient feel valued straight away.

Call me old-fashioned and I won’t be offended but I have already in my life-time seen some fashions coming around again. Direct mail and posting exciting advertising products is definitely back in fashion too – alongside digital formats of course – the two complement each other and cater for all.

Source by Gill Pilling