The methods that each individual film producer uses may vary but in the end, for the most part, all commercial films are made by the same three stage process. Inevitably production will be broken up into other sub-stages but in the end everything that is dome will fall into one of three categories.

The first stage of any commercial film production will be the planning stage. It is during this stage that a script is prepared and edited and any research that is required for the film topic takes place. It is important that this stage be completed thoroughly before the film producer advances to the next step of production.

This would be the actual production stage of the commercial film. However; this begins with designing and creating the set according to the budget that is allocated for the film. It is not hard to see that once production begins, the first stage must be completed in its wholeety to facilitate the actual problem free production of the film.

Post production is the third and final stage of a commercial film production. This is the stage when the film is edited and any special effects are added. Also, quite often sound work will take place during this third and final stage.

Shooting a commercial film is a risky financial proposition at best, so therefor it is crucial that everything be completely organized properly to produce optimal results. Attempting a commercial film production in any other manner will almost virtually guarantee that the end result is a financial failure.

Source by Deborah Yonatan