The Olympus digital camera 740 is a great little tool in my pursuit of genealogy records.

One of my long standing interests is history and family lines; the research often involves capturing and copying old photos to store on my computer. Frequently I will find myself in the living room or kitchen of some distant relative, or maybe the storage room of a local museum, I have no access to a scanner, but I want to get good copies of the great photos I’ve found. Something better than the standard copy machine. A nearly ideal way for me to quickly and easily capture those image for printing out and storing later is the zoom, mode adjustment and stabilization capacities of the Olympus digital camera 740

What I wind up with are high quality digital copies of some often very old photos, all helping me to piece together and capture the invaluable images to a coherent story. I just use a small tripod that I can literally keep in my bag, it’s great for stabilizing the camera. Then place the photo on a small stand with proper lighting and I’m ready to go. The optical (10x) and digital (3x) zoom are superior to many of the newer cameras and make it a snap to capture those old photos.

In addition the Olympus digital camera 740 makes it super simple to transfer the photos to my laptop (or desktop at home). You simply hook up a standard USB cable and download the images direct to your computer. In most cases there is software already installed to make this process a snap.

The camera was originally sold with a 16 MB XD memory card which can easily be removed and swapped out. With the new 2 GB memory cards, it can give you the ability to keep virtually unlimited photos until you are in a place to actually transfer them to your computer. It’s always better to capture these images in as high a resolution as possible, with the swap out cards you don’t have to worry about using up all your memory.

I’m always looking for tools to make my genealogy research easier. With the superior zooming capacities, lighting and distance modes… and even manual controls when needed, the Olympus digital camera 740 is nearly ideal for my work. The 7.1-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality in even a 15 x 20-inch print

What can I say? I love it.

Source by David Jambar