Commercial free broadcasts and uninterrupted programming are one of the huge advantages of Satellite Radio. They are able to do this because revenues are raised by subscription fees and not advertisers fees.

You have the opportunity to enjoy all the different genres such as folk music, rock, blues, hip hop, country and western and dance music to. All genres are covered by over 70 different music channels.

You know how you sometimes get static popping sound on AM/FM radios? Well satellite radio has eliminated that nuisance. You can go from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico and there will be no static.

The signal you receive is broadcast in crisp clear sounding digital format and there will be no static to put up with.

Along with the music being broadcast to your receiver, the receiver is also getting information about song title and artist name and the program and channel that you are listening to. That being said, your receiver will display this information on the front of your radio so you won’t ever have to wonder what the name of the song you were just listening to is. Let’s say you hear a song that you like and you want to know the artist. All you have to do is read the face of the radio and the answer is there.

If you have your family in the car you need to be careful as the programs on satellite radio are uncensored. If you have ever listened to Howard Stern it is pretty easy to figure out why he moved to satellite radio. It is because he does not want to be censored. Hip hop is broadcast as is with no bleeps so if your kids are in the car be careful what you listen to.

If you are in need of traffic or weather reports you are in luck. They do that to. The reports are informative but mostly targeted to big metropolises.

Satellite Radio broadcasts are not affected by national catastrophes like land based radio stations could be. The signal is strong and very reliable.Technology being what it is you can even listen in from your computer.

If you are still trying to justify paying for a service you could get for free then just think about all the wasted time you have spent listening to commercials since you first started listing to radio. Besides all that no matter what you think traditional radio is not free. When you are listening to radio you will pay for each song you enjoy with 5 minutes of mind numbing advertisements that are almost unbearable sometimes.

The monthly subscription is a real value when you consider what you get. You listen to what you want when you want wherever you want and in very clear sound quality. If you travel a great deal then the value is even greater. You can even listen to your program no matter how far you drive you won’t lose the signal. You can go coast to coast and never touch the dial if you don’t want to. With a regular radio you would have to find a new station every so often as you leave the broadcasters range of transmission. This is not the case with satellite as you receive the same signal without changing a thing. There is a very distinct chance that you will be able to enjoy video programs also.

The 2 digital broadcasters in the Satellite business are Sirius and XM. Both have made it known that they are going to be bringing out a variety of video channels with the same benefits as radio. Those benefits are commercial free great sound and watch your program no matter how far you drive.

Source by Mathew Zevon