Have you seen the new Flip Video Camera made by Pure Technologies yet? It seems everyone is searching to buy the Flip Video Camera. In this new age of high tech digital video, and the new mania surrounding sites such as YouTube, this camera is a perfect match for the person looking to make some of their own custom digital videos on a budget. That’s the great idea behind the Flip Video Camera. It’s portable, easy to use, and surprisingly affordable. Shoot anything and share everything.

The Flip Video Camera is a portable, simple to use solution for producing and distributing high quality movies. It is the perfect choice for recording everyday moments that happen, and then sharing them with friends and family everywhere. The camera’s software makes sharing and saving your videos simple and convenient: email videos, make custom movies, grab still photos from video clips, and upload movies directly to popular sharing websites like YouTube and Grouper.

Pure Technologies Flip Video Camera also comes with a TV cable, wrist strap, carrying case, two AA batteries, and an instruction booklet. Watch your videos instantly on TV using the included cable. Or, connect the Flip Video Camera directly to your computer through the built in USB connection. It’s simple, one touch recording and small size make it the ideal choice for capturing videos on the go. There’s no bulky gear, power charger, or memory card needed.

Features of the Flip Video Camera:

o Easy to use, compact sized camcorder with one touch recording and digital zoom

o Holds 30-60 minutes of TV quality video on 512MB or 1GB of built-in memory with no additional memory cards or tapes required

o A USB arm for plugging straight into your computer for sharing and archiving

o Built in software lets you easily e-mail movies, upload them to YouTube and Grouper, edit footage, and capture still photos from video

o Archive and organize your videos

o 2x digital zoom with one-touch recording

o 1.5in color playback screen

o Instant playback, delete and review features

o Play movies directly from the camcorder to any television

o Easy one click emailing

o Integrated uploading for videos

o Capture still frames from video

o Make uniquely edited movie mixes with music

o Organize and create your own personal video library

To see more about the Flip Video Camera visit the link below.

Source by Kyle B