These days, the average number of promotion emails a person gets is around 10-20. That being said, it is really important to find ways on how your message can stick out from the bunch. It has to have that “Stopping Power” so that the user will not just scroll through yours when checking for new mails.

If a businessman will venture into the business of email marketing, there is really but one principle to live by: your leads are as good as your email’s content. So, here are a few tips on how to creatively and effectively craft the emails that you send out to your leads.

Create an actionable subject line.

While creativity is of essence in email marketing, it is also good to know when to evoke a sense of urgency to your readers. When you put a call-to-action in the subject line, you do not just provide a hook for the message in your email, but you also give your leads a brief and straightforward gist of what they can expect when the open the email.

Online lead generation through emails is 60% imagery. If you’ll notice, most of the promotional emails you get in your inbox has images, because like any other promotional material, it helps send the message more effectively. However, more than the images, you have to be purposeful even with the shapes that you use. According to most designers, squares and rectangles are mostly used if we are trying to get the reader to do a specific action (i.e. help us get more sign ups, visit the website, or provide feedback). On the other hand, circles and ovals are used when we want to tell a story.

Being organized concise helps. In addition to the previous point, we use images because most people do not like reading full blocks of text, so it is important to learn the science of brevity. Being brief is also an advantage because it ensures that the messages we send are straightforward and less cluttered. Moreover, it is also good to have the emails coded, because this ensures that the layout is retained, and the images will always be shown. This helps in making the emails look organized.

Remember the ABCs of Email Marketing. If you are remotely interested in marketing, then you already know the ABC principle. That is, “always be closing.” This means that we must provide ourselves with a saleable opportunity as much as we can, even if it is down to asking for their feedback at the end of every email.

Source by B. Boyd