Getting targeted traffic to visit our websites is the tricky part of internet marketing. We can have a brilliant product and an impressive website but it will all be for nothing if our site receives no visitors. We may have written the greatest sales letter in the history of marketing, but if nobody reads it, all our skill and effort will have been in vain. The number one issue here is simple; if we can bring targeted traffic to our website we will make money.

The most successful websites, the ones that draw the most money-spinning traffic, are the ones dedicated to a very specific and clearly defined niche. The traffic that arrives at such websites is often made up of people who arrive in the ideal frame of mind because they are driven by a very specific desire or need. The more precise your niche and the more precise your promotion the more precise will be the expectations of your website visitors.

It is often said that it takes money to make money; that you need to speculate to accumulate. When considering internet marketing strategies the one area where financial investment will definitely help, is in your promotion and advertising. Advertising makes people aware of your business and draws people to your website. If you get your advertising strategy right it is possible to bring a high volume of traffic to your website. Let’s say that 3% of your site visitors make a purchase of your product which sells for $37. If the number of visitors is 100 you will sell 3 items making $111. If you have a flow of 500 visitors over that same period your income will be $555. It is obviously worthwhile spending some money on paid advertising to achieve this. Even if the advertising costs you $100 you are still $344 up on the deal.

Generating targeted traffic with Google AdWords, in the eyes of many marketers, gives the best value for money when it comes to generating leads. It is a scheme which gives complete control over expenditure as we can set the parameters of our sales strategy and ensure that we never stray inadvertently over our marketing budget. The system involves two steps; the first is to use the Google AdWords Tool to select the best keywords to use in our advertising. The second step is to set up the Pay-Per-Click advertising.

The amount each click will cost depends on the keywords we choose. We want to see our websites ranked as highly as possible on Google’s search pages; the higher the ranking the more clicks we will get. More clicks equals more visitors; more visitors equals more sales and more money in the bank. The ideal is to get our sites on the very first page of Google. It is all a trade-off (as advertising always is). The price of our products has to be balanced against our advertising outgoings so that we end up in reasonable profit. It is possible to advertise for nothing via free articles (an approached I have used a great deal over the years) but bringing in targeted traffic with Google AdWords will do the job much more quickly.

Ensure that your keyword research is thorough and well thought out in order to get the best from the pay-per-click. Never skimp on this aspect of the process if you want to get the very best targeted traffic flowing to your website.

Source by Rob J Hinchliffe