Sony Invented the Walkman and is back with its latest offering. The Sony NWZ-X1060 X Series Touchscreen 32gb MP3 player.

Sony has been always associated with innovation in music and electronics. It is one company that has brought exclusively new products in the market. Walkmans, CD Players, DVD Players, Music systems, Home theaters and many more, Sony has always been the top class brand bringing together technology and innovation on one single podium.

Sony X series walkman NWZ-X1060 is a feature rich gadget that has all the functionalities stored in it. The uniquely designed gizmo is the latest addendum in the market that is all packed with the advanced technology to bring out hi fidelity and hi pitch sound. The innovative series is has 3-inch, 16:9 touch display, which has been designed on the similar lines of Apple’s iPod touch and the iPhone.

With the advent of latest digital based innovations in music sector, Sony X Series walkman NWZ-X1060 has come up with the right match. This awesome and chic looking walkman series from Sony has digital sound reduction facility as well. This allows the user to adjust the sound to safest hearing levels, and that too with high fidelity and low impedance. Digital sound correction facility allows you to correct the disturbances and reverberations occurring in the sound, so that at the end what you get is high quality sound. Truly saying, Sony x series walkman has matured from the earlier analog based sound correction models. Is this set to rival the iPhone.

Source by Jimmy Shoe