Social Networking Sites have become very popular in recent years and has become a very popular destination for people who are looking to socialize online. Internet has been able to bring people together across the world who can now communicate with each other beyond political and social boundaries. The advent of social networking sites have greatly enhanced the online social life of people and are getting to meet a lot of people who share common interests. Facebook, the most popular social networking site has millions of users who frequent the site almost every day and this is seen upon by advertisers as a great opportunity to promote their products and services. Facebook and other such sites have now become a powerful medium for advertising and are used extensively by companies for brand building.

There are a lot of different ways in which online advertising can be done and primarily the option that is chosen for online advertising is the use of paid ads that get displayed on websites, forums, blogs etc. Though search engines consider the backlinks that are generated from these paid ads, there is a lot more weighting that is given to natural backlinks or organic backlinks by search engines. Many advertising companies use a combination of organic advertising and paid advertising for their online advertising campaign and the main medium for organic advertising is the social networking sites.

Search engines display two types of search results, paid results and organic results. The paid results are usually highlighted and are shown separately either at the top of the search results or on the side. Most of the users who use search engines generally click on the organic results as they feel that it will be more accurate and appropriate to the keywords that they have entered. Therefore the need to use organic advertising is very important to ensure that your website is in the top page of the results when keywords related to your website are searched for.

Many advertisers opt for social networking sites for organic advertising as these sites tend to have a lot of members who visit the site regularly. The time that is spent by a user is usually high in such social networking sites and this is seen as an opportunity by the advertisers to induce the awareness about their product. There are different ways in which organic traffic can be generated to a website and gives the advertiser an option to communicate with the prospective clients or customers using the social networking site. Information regarding the product or the service can be highlighted in the site and there can be contests held to attract people to the product page in the networking site. By having contact and communication with other members in the networking site, the reputation of the brand can be increased and brand awareness can be generated.

Social networking sites will help you to reach out to the targeted audience a lot more easily when compared to the other advertising options and is a great platform that can be used by advertisers for organic advertising.

Source by Ned Rat