In the world of business today, social proof is becoming more and more important. Jumping on the bandwagon of social media right now is going to give you an edge over some of your competitor because you will be working towards gaining your social proof. When they are ready to get started with social media you will already be miles ahead.

It’s amazing how many big businesses are coming online and using all of the different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; some of the big name giants!

When you have a website that has social proof, meaning people are complimenting you on your product, complimenting you on your service, saying great things about you, what you’re doing when you have those kinds of testimonials on your website, is you are influencing the decisions of others. Influencing the decisions of people who come to your website who haven’t yet made up their mind about what they’re going to do. When you have a website with the social proof, you are going to maximize your reach. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Maximize your reach even further than you already do, because you will find that when people start talking, they have friends in other areas. They have friends in other geographic locations, and if your product or services are available to be used by people in different areas and different geographical locations, you will definitely be expanding your reach.

With social proof, you will also find out what people are thinking about you. They’ll be talking about your product or service online and you’ll be able to go in and thank them for the compliments and take action if necessary if there are any complaints or anything that’s not so great online. You will be able to identify the people who want or need your product or service.

You will be able to go into forums, into Facebook, into Twitter, and see who has a problem that your product or service might be able to solve. What kind of problems do people have, what kind of solutions are they looking for. You will know whether or not your product or service will be able to help them.

Social proof and social media will also allow you to engage with your customers more. You will see what’s happening with them in their life, in their business, and you will be able to interact with them much more easily and much more quickly.

Recently, I had someone give me a good compliment and someone give me a not so good complaint, and I was able to very quickly go in and address the complaint. Plus I was able to have the compliment be spread more widely than the complaint, but then once the person’s complaint was resolved, they were another happy customer as well. Save these compliments so that you can use them later in your on-line and off-line advertising.

Where do you look when you go online. When you do a Google search these days, you will find that comments and posts from both Facebook and Twitter come up on your Google searches. Facebook is the second highest ranked website out there, and Twitter is 10th.

Do you want people finding you there? Do you want people to find you more easily?

Your social proof of having other people talk about your product or service will definitely bring more traffic to your website, more traffic to your business, and more traffic will lead to more profits. How important is social proof to you?

Source by Carla McNeil