I attend a number of local Chamber of Commerce events on a regular basis and I am consistently asked; “Do I really need to be using social media?” My answer is always yes. However the amount of time, money and effort you need to invest depends on the business, the same goes for your business.

Let’s start with exactly what is social media marketing. Here is the definition from Wikipedia

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.

Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their friends and family. The resulting electronic word of mouth (eWoM) refers to any statement consumers share via the Internet (e.g., web sites, social networks, instant messages, news feeds) about an event, product, service, brand or company. When the underlying message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself, this form of marketing results in ‘earned media’ rather than ‘paid media’.

1) Your customers spread the word. When you do a good job for your clients and/or customers it’s easy to get them to make a comment, like your posts or watch your videos. The best way to do this is to remember to ASK THEM! When you build this into your standard operating procedures it becomes a habit. Once it’s a habit it is amazing how quickly your customers and/or clients will spread the word for you.

2) Social media can put you in front of people who are hard to reach. With most of the platforms it’s about reach. Whether it be friends of friends on Facebook or 2nd and 3rd degree connections on LinkedIn, you can reach out to your specific audience quickly and easily.

3) Bring traffic back to your website. For the majority of businesses the biggest challenge is traffic. Whether it be people walking in the door or people visiting your website, you need traffic. Do a search online for your own name. What comes up first? I’ll bet nickels to dollars that it’s a social media profile, if you have one. The search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing give a lot of “credit” to active social presence. It’s social proof! Make sure people can quickly and easily find their way to your website from all your different profiles.

Works for you while you’re sleeping, this one is my favorite! Once you establish your presence, develop and nurture your following, you’ll be able to get up in the morning and see Comments, Likes and Shares. AND if you’re set up for it people will have purchased your products and services while you were sleeping!


Source by Carla McNeil