We all love to listen to tracks that are full of bliss and rhythms. Music has the ability to replenish our minds with the soulful empathy that is exuded through the mellifluous tunes and melodies. When we want to seek escape from the hectic and noisy world where everything is unharmonious and jarring then certain heart touching musical songs can soothe our souls. Jack Johnson is an artiste whose superb music and wondrous songs can give you scintillating experience. When you play these magnificent songs all the crass cacophony from your life would be turned into musical harmony. John Jackson is an eminent singer and performer from the United States. His albums have created waves in the market with their highly engaging and melodious tracks. Music lovers admire the artist for his unique style and mazing voice. All the albums by him are chart toppers and biggest hits of the respective seasons.

Jack Johnson is a popular singer and lyricist and musician. He was born in Hawaii and is acclaimed for his soft and subtle music. He achieved great acclamation and success with his debut album Brushfire Fairytales. Later he presented four more albums which were really outstanding.

Sleep Through the Static is his fifth album that contains 14 tracks that are full of distinctive emotions and set in different situations. The tracks are really invigorating and soothing. Listeners would certainly admire the songs as they have heart touching lyrics and great music. Sleep Through the Static was released on the February 5th, 2008 in the United States. Notably this is his first ever album to be released and recorded outside Hawaii.

The album was officially announced on his personal website. The recording for the album was done in the Solar Powered plant in the Los Angeles. This incredible album was showcased on the BBC for the first time for some special fans in December 2007. All the 14 songs in the album are great, the first single track “If I Had Eyes” was showcased on Jack’s personal page on the website MySpace in December 2007. The CD Sleep Through The Static Music [http://www.xpert4u.co.uk/music/music-title.asp?] is really liked by the music fans across the world. This collection is truly exasperating and thus it received immense success. It was ranked as numero-uno by all the U.S. Billboard Charts and made record sales of about 375000 copies within the first week of its release. There were around 139,000 downloads that marks the highest record of any digital albums sales in a week. This album even topped the worldwide chart by making amazing 577 thousand copies sales. The DVD Sleep Through The Static music is truly worth commendation.

Source by Elaina Anastasia