One of the most overlooked methods of generating new business is through email. Email marketing is a way to stay connected with your customer base. Service professionals often set up a website to represent their business, but then neglect one of the most successful methods to grow their business. Here’s why you should include email marketing within your overall marketing strategies.

It’s easy to find service businesses who aren’t taking advantage of the a proven method to get more customers and make more sales. Just Google "master electrician Miami" and review the websites that come up in the search results. Many don’t have a way to capture contact information from a visitor. This technique is often referred to as "list building". Why would you want to do that? Let’s explore email marketing as it relates to the service industry.

Why People Buy Electrical Services

If you run an electrical business think about the types of services you offer. Here is a quick look at some electrical related terms people are using to when searching for electrical services. There are a lot of people looking for electrical related services:

electrician Miami 1900

electrical wiring 165000

emergency electrician 8100

licensed electrician 1900

commercial electrical contractors 1600

certified electrician 4400 electrical services Miami 140

Granted, not every one of the 165,000 searches for the term "electrical wiring" are relevant to the Miami market. However, "electrical services Miami" is very Miami-centric. If your website ranks well for this market people will find your services through search. You may also benefit from some social media marketing or even paid advertising.

Let’s say you set up a paid advertising campaign to capture some of these searches. People click on your advertisement and hit your web page. What happens next? Do you offer a coupon for them to download? That’s a great way to capture an email address. Trade a coupon for a significant discount on a service in exchange for their email. Once you have the contact information you have a way to connect through email marketing campaigns.

Stay Connected Using Email Marketing

One of the biggest assumptions service providers make is that people are ready to buy that very day. What if they aren’t ready to buy, but they are shopping around for an electrical service provider. If you don’t capture their email address you don’t have a way to stay connected with that visitor. Your paid advertising is wasted.

The savvy electrician who sets up a method to capture an email in exchange for the that coupon can send out occasional emails to connect with a client. That client has the potential of future service needs. Chances are they will remember that coupon and your electrical company when they are ready to buy.

Source by Kate Rieger