Autoresponder systems are very well known email marketing tools that send follow up emails or newsletters to your clients, prospects or visitors.

There are two types of services:

* Self-hosted autoresponders – You can install your own autoresponder system on your own web site.

* Third party autoresponder service – You will pay monthly fee to any third party to send email from their servers.

Most of the times webmasters prefer to host their own autoresponders. Because all links and subscription email are from their own site instead of that third party’s site address. Then the question comes … Do I need a dedicated server to run my own autoresponder? No need to … Not always.

Here are three options to host your autoresponder software:

* Shared hosting:

This is regular hosting by your host. You will install it on your host name servers. Email will be sent from your host servers like Cost will be cheap. You don’t have to maintain the server and the techie stuff. So far so good …

But if your host restricts you not to send so many email from their servers, what will you do? Or your list is growing and your host is making a red-eye on you that your site is using more server resources? Then your next option is VPS.

* VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server):

VPS is a small part of a dedicated server. Means your host isolates a part of the dedicated server and gives it to you. It is like a dedicated server but at a cheaper price. Another advantage is your host handles all the techie stuff, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You can get your own name servers and control over the email going out of the site. No more restrictions from the host side saying that you have to send only ‘n’ emails per hour. (If any webmaster is sending spam from their VPSes, the host is still in control and can ban the webmaster’s hosting account)

* Dedicated server:

If you prefer a dedicated server or you have a budget and personnel to deal with, then you can go with a dedicated server. If you have a very big list, say some hundred thousands of subscribers then this is the best option for you because a high end VPS could cost you the same as a dedicated server.

Source by Radhika Venkata