The Korean company after the stupendous achievement of the Samsung Omnia has been prompt in its attempt to formally publicize its latest model the Samsung Pixon. The two features that proclaim consideration and are much sought after comprises the touch screen which has become a rage world wide and its brilliant resolution. Apart from these features there are various other thrilling features which you can look forward to.

As if this was not enough for the mobile phones manufacturer they have added a new pink colour variant to their range of Pixon phones to appeal to a more female audience, pink mobile phones are not a new phenomena but the majority up until now have been fairly low-spec, the Samsung Pixon Pink breaks this trend by offering the very latest in technology and features encased in a beautiful pink casing.


The size of Samsung Pixon is a commendable 3.2 inches. With a length of 11 and 5.5 cm of width, the thickness is 13.8 mm. the high resolution, 720 x 480 pixels, the phone comprise a creditable feature for obtaining sharp images. The touch screen experience has attained great acclamation.


An important technical characteristic feature of the Samsung Pixon is its worthwhile camera. The resolution, which is 8 megapixels is creating waves but coalesced with other features as well as improvements associated with it create wonders. The Samsung Pixon has various utilities which form internal data including widgets, but for this connectivity is a basic criterion. The HSDPA terminal, in Samsung Pixon can be solely used as GPS.

While clicking photographs with ityou can zoom in, which is 16 fold. You can also try your hands at various shooting modes, the brightness control feature to click some awesome photographs.

With the brilliant option of editing software you can transform pictures into black and white, gray scale, sepia, solarise and several other effects to give them a new dimension completely. Another enhance feature can make the photograph look like a pencil sketch or an old photograph among the various others. It offers enormous Assistance while taking picture by bringing into focus facial expressions, and spreading out on vibrant range.

Other key features

Now talking about the video mode which Samsung Pixon offers its users. The video recording can be done at 30 fps. The resolution of the recording is 720 x 480 pixels offering a passage to superlento but at 120 fps.

The videos recorded, apart from those stored in XviD, MP4, DivX and WMV can be seen in your drawing room with your family and friends, as Samsung Pixon offers a TV output for external display.

The sound is attuned exclusively with MP3, e-ACC+, ACC as well as WMA, which gives an amazing sound. Bluetooth 2.0 and FM radio is other exclusive features of Samsung Pixon. The technology of sound has undergone immense improvement with Surround Sound System rightly abbreviated as SRS Virtual 5.1CH or DNSe, Digital Natural Sound engine.

The internal flexibility is up to 200 Mb. All the storage is done in the microSD in Samsung Pixon. The battery offers a capacity of 1000 mAh. The weight of this Samsung phone is 121 grams and the various features account for its elegance and sleekness.

The Samsung with its pink M8800 Pixon phone has made a niche for itself in this world. This smart phone has made a grand entry into the technological world with its brilliant features and accessories it offers to its users. It is all in all a brilliant phone for each and every individual.

Source by Susan Hargreaves