The generation of massive traffic is one of the major targets of Internet marketers. Being an Internet entrepreneur, you would utilize everything to ensure sales of your product. The paid media campaign is one good alternative. Here are different paid media campaigns that you could adapt:

Affiliate marketing

You can enlist the help of affiliate members to generate traffic. You share profits with your affiliate members. The more conversions or click-through (CTRs), the more the possibility of selling your product.

Pay Per Click advertising

In line with your affiliate marketing, you can adapt pay per click advertising that your affiliate members could display in their websites or blogs. You pay the affiliate for every actual click to your website.

Direct advertising in sites

You could also do paid media campaign by directly advertising in websites. You pay the website owner for a sidebar placement of your PPC ad.

Search Engine Marketing

Bid for placement in search engine results' pages or SERPs. Bid for a placement in the. You can bid for the second and third and not necessarily the first placement. To save money bid wisely by selecting lower placement with effective keywords usage.

Paid tweets

You could pay tweeters to advertise your links. The more popular the tweeter is the higher the payment. This is a good method for paid media campaign.

TV and radio advertising

These are also examples of media paid advertising. These are more expensive though and the least effective because they usually cannot reach all countries abroad.

These are all new media paid advertising techniques to earn more online. Pay per click is still the most effective of the these methods.

Source by RenHan Tay