What kind of doctor would NOT want their patients and staff content as well as more revenue to boost their medical practice budget: With office automation it is possible! As most medical practitioners understand, content patients and staff means their practice will be more likely to attract new patients – This builds for a solid future and a thriving medical practice.

So why not? The medical sector is increasingly competitive. Costs need to be kept down and the level of services moved onward and upward. It is a competitive world – Like it or not, it takes more than being a good (even great) doctor these days: It takes organisation with very little room for error. Streamlining Medical Practice Management through office automation can reduce costs without reducing services.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Automated appointment scheduling systems and patient appointment reminder calls can increase patient satisfaction by improving overall medical practice management. Highly efficient, these systems can deal with these more mundane and time consuming (although vital) aspects of patient care.

Reduce No-Shows

A patient appointment can be scheduled, rescheduled and cancelled using the more advanced appointment scheduling services. Email, text and reminder calls can also be carried out routinely – Another time-consuming task that cannot always be dealt with; despite the fact it invariably reduces no-shows.

Give Patients the Services They WANT

Statistics suggest that a majority of people would like an email reminder for their up-and-coming patient appointment. The internet has become a hub where people work, rest and play: Web-based systems allow patients to schedule; reschedule and cancel their appointment online – 24/7. In reality, automated appointment scheduling systems give your patients exactly what they want – So, why not indeed!


Office automation; patient appointment scheduling and reminder calls can save money. Automated patient appointment reminders can notably reduce no-shows: And no-shows can seriously affect revenue over the year; as well as reduce customer satisfaction – Every appointment missed could have meant another patient was seen faster. In this day and age, time management is of the essence. Streamline and improve your overall medical practice management – Get automated!

Source by Andy Press