After much hype the original Nokia N95 was a bit of a disappointment. For all of the clever bits and bobs including the excellent 5 mega pixel camera and the very handy sat nav features, this proved to be one of the most frustrating phones that we trialled. The reason for this was that the memory simply couldn’t cope with the beefy applications which it was running; this led to it crashing frequently.

So, credit to Nokia they faced this problem head on with the launch of the super NOKIA N95 8GB. A mighty phone indeed. With a Huge 8 gig of internal memory, enough to store hundreds of music tracks, thousands of pictures and video clips. Retaining the excellent 5 mega pixel camera from the original N95 with its Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens. The camera function boasts digital zoom up to 20x (5 megapixel up to 6x). The video camera facility offers digital zoom up to 10x (VGA up to 4x).

This 3rd generation phone has truly leads the way as a ground-breaking multimedia device. This phone also offers the opportunity to surf the web in style on the Large 2.8″ QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display with ambient light detector and up to 16 million colours, very impressive. As this is a slide phone, it allows you to slide the screen and operate the camera and gallery in either landscape or portrait, this is not only snazzy but makes the N95 8GB more user friendly than phones which went before it.

But there was one question we needed to be answered; does the Nokia N95 8GB crash in the same way as the original Nokia N95? After a month of daily use we are delighted to say no. It has not crashed at all and we have been putting through some pretty heavy use. However if your phone does crash; we understand that you can download free software updates from the Nokia website which should resolve any issues.

The graphics of the Nokia NGAGE gaming function look superb and as well as this, it also allows you make calls and send texts (we almost forgot about that!)

To conclude, we found the NOKIA N95 8GB to be an excellent phone and multimedia device, with some superb features and light years ahead of any of the other Nokia Nseries phones, easily the best phone we have reviewed.

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Source by Dan Castor