If you are looking for a state-of-the-art smartphone, which is rich with enhanced functionalities and features, Nokia 6680 would the gadget worth exploring. This stylish new phone has two integrated digital cameras – great in quality and very user-friendly. The first being a 1.3 Megapixels camera with 6 x digital zoom along with a built-in flash on the back. The second camera is on the front of the phone. It is a VGA camera with 2 x digital zoom, enabling the users to conduct a face to face video call.

Nokia 6680 offers excellent connectivity, and thus, it is highly recommended for the busy professionals. This smartphone comes with an USB connectivity, tri-band networking, and Bluetooth technology, for a wireless free connection. Other useful features include a push to talk button, automatic redial, conference calls, voice dialling, built-in handsfree speaker and host of conventional features. The phone has an internal memory of 10 MB which can be further expanded up to 64 Mbytes using the MMC (multimedia card). The much hyped MMC comes quite handy, with its easy insertion and removal ability.

Nokia 6680 has an excellent messaging services. Be it e-mail, SMS, MMS or sharing of video clips, the phone does justice to one and all. Music lovers won’t get disappointed with this phone either. It has an in-built MP3 player with all facilities to download a good number of music files. A 1.3 Megapixels camera satiates the appetite of photographers and makes images eye-candy when viewed through the high resolution screen. The photos can be transferred through compatible printer using Bluetooth, or the photos can be printed with the help of pictbridge printer, using a USB cable.

All in all Nokia 6680 [http://www.mobilerainbow.org/nokia/Nokia-6680.html] is a good mobile, all set to provide total value for money to its customers.

Source by Carly Charu