As business owners or managers we all understand the importance of professional networking. The name of the game in business networking is to be remembered and today’s mix of handheld electronic devices can keep prospective customers taking about your business (buzz).

Handheld computers, Personal Data Assistants (PDA’s – PalmPilot, etc.) and personal media players (Video IPOD, etc.) are some of the best electronic networking tools available. You probably use a PDA every day but only for managing your calendar and address records. Today’s PDA’s are full-featured multimedia platforms that can play CD quality audio; PowerPoint presentations; display web content and even play full motion video.

Imagine yourself at a Chamber of Commerce networking event and someone asks my favorite question; “what do you do?”. After a short description you present your PDA and play a well- produced video commercial. The next thing you hear is “Wow that is awesome!” Not only is this “awesome” but it is unique, as you are almost assured of being the only person in the room using your handheld device as your calling card. The name of the game in marketing is to be remembered and professionally produced handheld media helps you take advantage of every opportunity, no matter where you are. If your business has a promotional video make it handheld ready. If you do not have a video or PDA, consider getting both.

Source by John Easton