Due to technology, musicians can make beats or create electronic bands. However, years ago, the music industry was ran by the major record labels. The record labels had the last word in absolutely everything in a musician’s entertainment career from start to finish. The record company would control the artist image, radio play, royalty rate, and achievements while under the contract. When the musician’s career was over, the artist often did not have anything to show for their labor and imagination.

Back in the day, the record company would pay for the artist’s project up front by paying an advance. The money mostly amounted to a loan which had to be repaid. The record company would finance the distribution and marketing of the musician’s project and then recoup or get back the money as soon as the project started selling. Perhaps it seems fair on the face of it, the record company often would bill the musician for a lot higher than what the record company loaned. The record label wouldn’t only bill the musician for the items listed above, but also would reduce producer royalties for damaged records, club reductions and a lot of of more charges. Also the record company would remove these charges from the producer’s gross revenue.

While the label would let a musician to audit the record company’s books, a number of artists didn’t authorize any reviews of the books. Artist’s were generally leery of angering the record labels by asking the record companies to show the expenses and deductions in writing. This reasonable concern kept producers in their place – under the record label’s thumb. Technology has changed this. Today with digital technology, the power has shifted into the hands of the producer. There’s a new course in the music industry has record companies sweating in the boardroom. Today with Computer Technology, artists can start a record company and have a recording studio on their computer. Now its easy for artists to create their own beats. There are a number of complimentary or low cost computer software programs that allows a musician to record and distribute their own material without the need or control of a major record company.

A musician can easily upload and advertise their t-shirts and music online at lots of internet sites. Also there are many new internet hosting services that allows a musician to have a website dedicated to advertising and marketing their music to the growing internet network. There are numerous of producers producing beats and earning a living pitching their songs online. Check it, if you sell 25,000 CDs online at $10 each, you would earn $250,000. If you sell 25,000 for a label you would be in debt and you would face the risk of being released from the record label. By distributing your own songs, you rule over your future. Today an artist does not have to be afraid of any record company. Today the power is in the grasp of the producers.

Source by Nolos Quinn