You would have probably learned the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign to create an interest in people to join your MLM business. However, you may not have heard that there are some fairly common problems which should be avoided when doing an email marketing campaign. One needs to be cautious when doing email marketing. Listed below are the four major mistakes, which you should avoid when doing email marketing to your opt-in list.

1. Sending Out Junk (Content which are pointless and meaningless)

When someone signs up to receive your emails, they would expect to receive some useful information. If your emails are full of useless information, your subscribers might just delete them or worse still, put a block on you. So, make sure you send them informative, quality content and they will enjoy getting your emails and stay subscribed. Another point to note here is not to overload your subscribers’ inboxes with your emails. As long as you provide high quality content, sending an email at a rate of once or twice a month would just be as effective.


2. Use of Poor Punctuation and Grammar

Good punctuation and grammar are important, (and yes) even in emails. Business emails, especially, ought to have perfect punctuation and grammar. It is even more important if you are reaching out to an English-speaking group of subscribers.

On a contrary, if you happen to be reaching out to a group that does not speak English, it would be more appropriate to write emails in their language. Of course, you would also need to observe the correct grammar and punctuation of that language as well.


3. An All-Too-Generic Tone

Although your subscribers understand that you are sending emails to a large group of people, they would still like to see some form of personalization in your emails. An easy item to do is to place their names on the top of the email. This makes a lot of difference. There are types of software applications available to automate this process. Another thing you would want to bear in mind is the tone for your email. You would want keep your emails conversational and informative, never technical nor highbrow.


4. No Punch Emails

The emails which you send should have the ability to grab the attention of your readers. It is vital for you to put a call-to-action type statement, encouraging them to look further into your business. If your budget allows, have a professional writer compose the emails for you. That way, you will be sure to have all the requirements of a good email marketing campaign. It is a small thing to do, in order to get your MLM business to thrive.

Source by Louis YP Ng