What is marketing automation? First, let’s work on defining marketing automation. It is still new and complex enough that even vendors of automation systems face challenges running their own marketing operations on their own platforms. Marketing automation as any technological system that helps marketers execute “repetitive tasks such as social media, emails, and other website actions.”

It refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing management and tracking of marketing campaigns. It helps you put the right strategy in place, one designed to help your company, grow revenue and effective marketing automation consultation services from expert marketing consultants having years of experience across businesses.

63% of companies outsource all or part of this strategy planning. 51% uses a combination of outsourced and in-house resources,37% uses in-house resources,12% outsourced all to a specialist.

Consider examples like Eloqua, Pardot, Silverpop, and Unica. Eloqua is the MA component of Oracle Marketing Cloud; Pardot is an MA solution acquired by Salesforce; Silverpop and Unica were each picked up by IBM.


Development and analysis of marketing campaigns

Analysis of marketing campaigns customer

Management of marketing campaigns

Moving contacts from leads to customers

Top Marketing Automation Software Products

1) Marketo

Marketo gives you the power to generate good leads, bring the right audience in, and increase revenue. Marketo can be used by companies of all sizes; small, medium, and enterprise and their typical customers include both B2C and B2B brands.

Key Features

A/B testing

Email Marketing

Engagement Programs


Engagement Programs

Customer Base Marketing

Lead Management

Lead Generation

Landing pages

Scoring and Analytic

2) HubSpot

HubSpot offers a full stack of products for marketing, sales Platform that helps Companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Key Features

Monitor leads

landing pages

contextual marketing experiences

Build automated workflows around your goals

Content management system to streamline content creation

Convert, track, and categorize leads

3) Act-On

Act-On is delivering outstanding overall software experience to its clients and Act-On is setting its users a class apart from the competitors.

Key Features

Lead Management

Customer Relationship Management

Demand Generation

Brand Building

4) Infusion Soft

Infusion Soft is the favorite toy for small-scale business who wish to automate their sales and payment process.

Key Features


Sales & Payment Automation Consultation

Organize CRM

5) Pardot

Pardot is a powerful tool, simple to use, and above all connected with Salesforce that gives better generation, B2B Marketing Automation, Empowers Sales Team.

Key Features

Email marketing

Landing pages

Source by Alessia Smith