Wedding are great aren't they? Love is in the air, all your family and friends come out to lend their support and be there for you on that special day. But what if not everyone can make it? What if your family and friends are located all over the country, or world for that matter? Well that is where new live online streaming technology can come in handy. Wedding streaming is not a new concept, but it is a new possibility. The idea is fairly straight forward, use the same technology you would through services such as Skype of any video chat to broadcast your wedding live online.

Where do the snags come in you may ask? Well let's get a bit technical shall we? The largest difference is that the bride and groom will not be sitting in front of a computer. While they are up at the alter you will need a pretty powerful webcam to get a clear enough shot of them. There are a handful of cameras out there that will double as a webcam for wedding streaming. It still takes a pretty technical person to operate the settings however as this is not your typical point and shoot wedding videographer.

The next opstical you will encounter to stream your wedding is a steady and reliable internet connection. If you are trying to stream a wedding indoors and the venue has wireless internet, then you will be safe. What if however you are outside? Or let's say that the venue doesn't have a reliable signal or no internet at all. This is where the right compression and aircard come into play. You need a service that can take a large video file, shrink it, and convert it to a web-based format on the fly while you stream the wedding service. Some of these services are free but will throw ads in, or limit the amount of viewers who can watch, or both. You can bypass these headaches by paying for a service, but the cost can add up fast.

As for a weak, slow, or non existent internet connection, an aircard can solve that problem. Most cell phone providers sell these. You get internet through satellite and wherever there is cell service, there is internet. This however is another unwelcomed cost as the price can quickly rival that of your cell phone plan. And beware of overages as video streaming will use up your allotted bandwidth pretty fast.

The last issue you will face is audio. You might not expect this, but audio can prove to be the most expensive part of this project. Since using your computer's built in mic is not an option without standing up at the alter with the bride and groom holding a computer, you will need to buy a mic and a converter to turn the analogue signal into digital so that you may stream it with the video. Video and audio are always captured separately and produce nothing but headaches for amateur wedding streamers.

Source by Anna Q Smith