Using automation software you can build, record and replay windows macros, which automate other software procedures. It could be any job on the PC. Automation software macros are able to replicate user activity, such as mouse clicks, pressing keys and interacting with other windows. It implies that just about any job you do on your computer can be mechanized and transformed to a macro. As a macro can copy a user, you can automate any Windows application.

A macro recorder may be used for the automation of steps. The recording of a macro is similar to recording a movie. Just click start and do the task. Each click of the mouse and keystroke get recorded, and every new window is examined. After you have finished, you click stop and the macro is generated. Now you may run this macro to replay the steps exactly as per your recording. You can record any IT job with help of these programs. Subsequently, if needed, you may utilize an editor for editing the work done, include new actions in the job, and use variables for the automatic writing of the script from scratch with the help of GUI automation command wizards.

For appraising automation software do not lose sight of the following points:

Does the software have task recording facilities?

It is good to select software with these facilities, as it simplifies the work of recording a script and editing it. rather than writing an entirely fresh automation script.

Simple to learn

Characteristically, this type of software has various automation commands, and a manual to teach you how to create an automated task. The software should offer simple learning, as well as allow the creation of wizard based tasks. Also, find out if it allows you to learn an additional programming language. The software should have provision for powerful, yet simple to use wizard based macro automation commands.

How easily does it enable you to edit a macro or an automation script?

Your chosen automation software should include easy features for editing. Some of the software necessitates taking hundreds of steps for an easy script. Are you able to know where and what to edit, should the need arise? The script should be easy to read. There is not much of benefit in having an editing capacity which is so difficult to use that you would prefer recording that macro again. Carry an uncomplicated test, using the automation software you want to appraise, record an easy script, login to a web-based email account and check if you are able to open the task editor and vary the password or make a couple of easy modifications. Choose any easy script of your choice.

Automation commands / Macro Commands

Certain automation software offer nearly 20 macro automation commands. Others offer hundreds. You need to know what for do you require automation software. Except when you need to automate very multifaceted tasks, or you need to automate things, software with 20 commands should suffice. But if you are going to have complex tasks, it may be good to consider some programs offering more than 20 commands.

Source by Brian C Tse