Let’s get to know one man of many talents, anyone could be envious of this one who can be a rock star in the classroom in day time, and see him singing his message away – on stage, at night, or on the park, on weekends.

  1. Describe yourself sans M (music) and T (teaching) in your answer.

Kind. Hehe.

  1. How long have you been teaching? Composing song?

Have 17 years in teaching, 25 years composing songs.

  1. You are juggling your time between teaching and singing, right? How do you do such a thing?

Priority first, and time management.

4. I thought you were just transitioning from classroom to stage, but when I saw you in an FB post having a post con with your COT observer, I could not imagine how you manage time, energy and the like wearing two hats– one after the other, er one on top of another, or what. Do tell.

It’s hard to do two things at the same time. Actually, am a family man also so it’s three. I just list down priorities that should be done first. I mark it on my wall hehe, on my wall calendar should I say.

5. One of your songs which is, as of this writing, on the top 4 in a chart of indie music is KAPE..where did you get the inspiration for that?

The idea of the song Kape was purely about my emotions. Words had truly existed. It’s a true story of my dad and I. Remember when he was still alive every morning we would always share a cup of coffee. We would talk many things like his thoughts about life, to mention one.

6. Aside from teaching and singing, what are other talents have you got under your belt?

I can play guitar a little bit of piano and drums. In sports, I very much love to play basketball. I am an author also of my self- published book “Meron Akong Kuwento from Victime Printing Press and Publishing House. The book contains 12 all original stories for children and 16 select articles. I love writing children stories. Aside from that, I dabble as illustrator, cartoonist, and comic creator.

7. Oh, you have self-published a book. That’s good to know. Share with us the wisdom upon conception, drafting, editing and publishing stages of your first book.

My book is 1% business 99% remembrance lang, that was really the main concept. I write because I just want to create my own legacy and to prove myself how far my life would be valuable. It has been great experience producing a book. But, I guess, I need some people who can support me and teach me properly on the nitty-gritty of book publishing and so on.

8. Do you sing your way to school or do you have plan before you embark on a stage? Do tell.

Every day is a busy hour for me because I’m with my two daughters in school. Before I go to school I make sure that I am prepared with my lessons. Not thinking anything about my singing career when I’m inside the school. Hehe.

9. An artist is a rare breed of genius –so if you gonna choose a world of art, what would it be and why?

If I can choose a world of art, I would want to be with the people who truly appreciate art.

10. Describe your passion with a couple of lyrics you’d originally written or about to write. “Bumangon ka anak, wag pilitin ang sarili; ang mundo’y aayon din sayo” -Kape

The first time I heard “Kape” I was having coffee. Now I know the story behind those lyrics. So touching and dramatic. Thank you, Noel. God bless. Wishing you more success what with you being a multi-talented musician, teacher, published author —a real artist indeed. Soon the world is on your fingertip!

Noel Bernaldo is from City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines. You can check his gigs sched on his FB account Noel Bernaldo / FB page Noel Bernaldo Music, or you can stream a couple of his songs “Kape, ” or “Ang Pinoy” on Spotify and they are available in other digital outlets. You can subscribe also to his videos on YouTube channel Noel Bernaldo. You can catch him on these dates: at Conspiracy Garden Cafe QC on Sept.11 DWZE and Sept. 20 iFM 93.9

Source by Larry Icabandi Nabiong