Many businesses find an email marketing solution to their need to market effectively and at low cost. The investment to capitalize on email marketing is small, primarily time spent researching, writing and editing articles or sourcing appropriate news, articles written by others and information from the web.

Follow best practice in email marketing and consider hiring a specialist in email marketing such as to manage your campaigns, ensure the right elements are included, study the response of your list members and develop a strategy based on those results.

Use a reliable service such as Constant Contact, Aweber or one of the many purpose built software solutions available that offer double opt in and safe unsubscribe options.

The quality of your email list determines how much of a solution email marketing will be. Targeted email marketing will provide a better result. A niche list of 200 -600 warm prospects and a savvy strategy can be enough to turn the fortunes of a small business from dismal to dazzling.

Email Marketing Becomes a Customer Resource

Email marketing is an ideal way to increase your credibility and position your business as a resource to your customers. Time starved and stressed, people will anticipate reading your email each time you send it if you provide them with solutions that are tailored to their needs. How do you do that? It’s easier todetermine the most effective topics if you write with a specific audience and interest group in mind.

Before you start your email campaign decide on a format, the elements to be included and most importantly, the kind of incentives to include, incentives your email list will not be able to resist.

Other elements to include are:

Short description of what unique benefit customers derive from doing business with you.

Client Testimonials

Reminder to forward to a friend.

Brief, to the point and powerful messages that provide information the recipient finds valuable will provide an email marketing solution that will keep your customers eager to receive your information and special offers.

Email marketing is only one solution to the challenge of staying in touch with customers and with prospects until they decide to become customers.

Marketing Strategy

Develop a marketing strategy that includes a number of different techniques to ensure you do not become too heavily dependent on one method that due to customer preference and behavior excludes a lucrative segment of your customer base.

Use your data base manager to store more than just name and email address, keep a record of specific interests and buying preferences of your customers to enable you to tailor the information to suit each of their specific needs.

Nothing says personal service more than a phone call or a personalized email from someone telling them that you know they are interested in “X” and a new product or service is available to them before the general public.

Source by Nancy Fraser