Trust is a very important factor in online business. Though faces do not appear on the internet but here also it is the trust and credibility that run things.

A newsletter can be an excellent tool for building trust and a long term relationship. Building trust and a relationship means getting life time customers who would buy from you with pleasure for times to come.

What should you do to build trust with your newsletter?


Content, subject lines, mailing regularity, and ability for your readers to quickly subscribe and unsubscribe are all critical for building a trustworthy newsletter

Demonstrate Value

Give good content to your readers. Do not send trash or the mails would never get out of junk box. A newsletter should demonstrate value and that is to be built by keeping a good content.

Be True In Supplying Information

Never ever lie to your subscribers for sake of short term profits. Do not recommend the things that you know are not useful. Honesty would reflect in your writing and newsletter readers would come to know if you are lying.

Even if you succeed in cheating once or twice, you would build a reputation so bad that you would want to undo everything.

Be Regular

Keep your newsletter issues on time. This would definitely vary with type of newsletter you are building. Stick to whatever frequency you choose to send your newsletter.

Keep Optin Opt out Easy

It should be easy for somebody to sign in. There should be clear instructions on your website. Moreover, there should be clear instructions in your newsletter about how to unsubscribe.

These build credibility for you and your company.

Reward Loyalty

Reward loyalty of your subscribers by offering them special deals that no one else would get. Your subscribers would feel special and stay with you longer.

Source by Arun Pal Singh